Sundar subramaniam

Managing Director

Sundar likes to doodle furniture and finds the act very therapeutic - having a workshop that can make the furniture is a bonus. He enjoys watching designers develop new things and is passionate about creating an environment where designers can enjoy working in and getting things made. Sundar is an alumnus of NID, batch of 1977 and belongs to a generation of product designers who were generalists and saw design as a force that could make a difference in any area. He has designed consumer products, retail interiors, furniture systems for labs/ offices/ stores, home furniture, tensile structures, exhibitions and so on. Sundar is passionate about The Design Store and has nurtured it from a small adjunct space to its present avatar and has big plans - good design is not seen as belonging to boutiques but as something that should be accessible to everyone. He runs Dovetail, the company behind the store, which harnesses the power of design + manufacture and ventures into multiple business verticals. Sundar dreams a