Film making with Rajaram and Pradeep

Tlabs, Bangalore


This time we take a look into work and process of film maker and artist Rajaram Rajendran and Pradeep Reddy both tech guys turned Film Makers. Pradeep Reddy is a Tech Entrepreneur, Filmmaker. Passionate about Technology and Films. Working on a startup connecting both his passions.Actively involved in film making since 2013 through IIFMA (Indian Independent Filmmakers Alliance), a not for profit group aimed at empowering aspiring filmmakers. Founder of Filmistry. Rajaram runs a production house by the name Eleven Elements in Bangalore. Over 10 years he has work with clients like Flipkart, Myntra, Kyoorius, Nike to name a few, delivering some very interesting pieces of Ad films and experimental shorts. You can take a peek into his work at his website.